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2019-2020 Resources

Health Promotion Program 2019/2020

Health Promotion Program 2019-20

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  • Occupational Wellness: The ability to find personal satisfaction and enrichment through work; enjoying endeavors and appreciating contributions.
    1. Help a coworker with a particularly hard task, or a task they don't have time for 2. Create a new lesson plan and implement with your kids 3. Submit your grades on time 4. Learn a new skill in your skill - a new technology, a new resource, etc. 5. Create a wellness goal (and complete it) to help you ensure you have better work/life balance 6. Take a communication class or webinar to increase your effective communication skills - learn how to negotiate with colleagues, friends, and family members better! 7. Learn your worker personality assessment and how it can help you in the workplace! Try the Meyers Briggs if you have access, or the free 16 personalities test: 8. Assess your strengths - could apply to any dimension really! VIA Strengths Survey:
  • Spiritual Wellness: Ability to define a set of values which help find higher meaning and purpose. Includes a variety of resources to help cope with issues in life including relaxation, meditation, or religion. "
    Belong to a religious organization Reflect back on a goal and write down what you learned specifically about yourself through the completion of goal/activity. Spend time in nature (above and beyond a walk outside) - special hike, bird watching, an extra ordinary event!) Meditate - which could mean a number of things...coloring, breathing, etc. just so long as you're focused on the present Practice yoga (i.e. get in the present!) Journal at least once a week Practice gratitude - write down what you are grateful for every night for one week. Notice how it changes your perspective Travel to a new place you've never been - ALONE Take the VIA Strengths test to know what your top strengths are:
  • Emotional Wellness: Ability to understand your feelings to help cope with stress, and help learn and grow from experiences. Includes self care, relaxation, stress reduction, and other inner resources and strategies. "
    Utilize your EAP resource through insurance. Contact Empower Work ( if you're experiencing work difficulty. Empower Work is a non-profit that employs counselors to help you feel confident in a variety of work challenges. Take time to breathe during a particularly stressful time. Talk to a friend/partner/spouse/family member about a problem you've been having and connect through problem solving. Get a massage Particularly negative? Recognize your emotion and make a conscience effort to make it positive. Create a wellness goal (and complete it) around ways to maintain a better work/life balance. Accept a mistake! Acknowledge a mistake you made and apologize for it face to face. Schedule a wellness chat with Carrie Jacobs (
  • Environmental Wellness: Ability to respect your surroundings, understanding our interactions with nature so we're living in harmony. "
    Dedocate a few hours and pick up trash around your neighborhood. Get involved in your HOA and learn more about your community improvement plan. Attend a board meeting for an organization you care about to learn more about ways to help out. Adopt a section of road. Recycle on a regular basis? That's worth 5 points! Clean out your closets and donate items you no longer need or want to a deserving charity of your choice. Get rid of expired medications (check out this site to learn how to dispose of properly:, makeup, or toiletries in your bathroom. Help clean your classroom for one week. Volunteer at a local agency or organization you care about. Learn more about your communities trail systems, or national parks and ways you can protect them. Learn more about your lakes and water systems and ways to protect them. Clean with natural products in your home. Assess your carbon footprint (site: and learn ways to reduce it.
  • Financial Wellness: Ability to understand the role of money in your life; Ability to successfully manage financial expenses regardless of how much money is in the bank.
    Complete a wealth management assessement through your financial instiution to help you plan for the future. Start a savings account for a trip, activity, item you've always wanted. Contribute extra to your 401K plan. Learn more about investing, and if it is right for you. Set up a weekly, monthly, or yearly budget. Read a book related to finances - there are so many to choose from! Organize your financial records in a safe location in your home. Learn ways to save at your favorite store: coupons? upcoming sales you can wait for to purchase item you want? Meal prep for one week instead of going out to eat and determine how much you saved on groceries that week! Talk to your dependents about your family budget and get them in on the action in order to help save for family costs.
  • Physical Wellness: Ability to maintain a healthy body and seek care when necessary. Includes movement, nutrition, sleep, and the ability to be connected to physical self while knowing the signs of illness. "
    Learn more about compliance with medication/treatment plan(s). Visit your dentist (up to twice/year) for preventive dental services. Determine a bedtime routine and go to bed at the same time most days of the week, including weekends, to ensure you're getting at least 7 hours of sleep/night. How do you like to keep active? Do you regularly get 150 minutes of exercise each week? If you do, that's worth 5 points! Obtain your flu shot, or other regular vaccines. If necessary, schedule the appropriate preventive screenings: breast, cervical, prostate, or other cance screenings, as determined by your provider. Check out the free listings at the Summit Medical Fitness Center: Nordic Walking, Supermarket Tour, Mindful Eating, Cooking 101. Attend a live cooking class at Natural Grocers. Sign up for a race and complete it - running, walking, swimming, triathlon - test your limits and earn 5 points/race! (check out, to find races) On average, do you drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water each day? 5 points! Learn how to cook a healthy new dish, or makeover a dish you like with healthier ingredients.
  • Social Wellness: Ability to perform social roles comfortably; Having a defined support network and relationship with partners, peers, and family. "
    Attend any activity, or be referred to services, offered by Maternal and Child Health Services for those pregnant, nonpregnant women of childbearing age, and parents of children up to age 22. Schedule a nutrition screening, education, and counseling to improve eating habits, and reduce nutrition related issues if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or for your child/infant. Schedule an appointment with a medical social worker if you are providing care to a loved one in a care provider situation so you can be connected with resources in the community. Attend a parenting class online, or in your local area. Get together with your accountability group outside of the school for a fun activity. Write a letter to a friend, just because! Schedule time with a friend you don't get to see often. Join a MeetUp ( group and meet new people with similar hobbies. Oragnize a regular lunch or dinner date with your partner, family member, or friend you'd like to connect with. Volunteer at a local agency or organization. Attend a sport, activity, or social function at another school to support other staff. Before saying yes or no to an ask, assess your time and determine whether or not you can properly complete the task.
  • Intellectual Wellness: Ability to have an open mind to new ideas; Ensuring an individual continues to expand their knowledge.
    Enroll in an online or classroom non-credit course to further your personal OR profressional knowledge. Attend a PIR day devoted to your personal growth. Read a book you've always wanted to finish. Sign up for a class online. Do you have school resources like Safe School that offers webinars? Use the classes you're already assigned and make sure you get points for those. Listen to an educational podcast while driving rather than music. Debate an issue with a friend, but choose the viewpoint opposite the one you hold. Uderstand more about how you prefer to learn, and how it can help you as a teacher and in the home. Start learning a foreign language. Play a board game. Start a book club among your friends, family, or at your school. Pick up a musical instrument and learn to play, or rekindle your passion for playing. Complete the crossword, sudoku, or other mind activity on a regular basis...and earn 5 points!
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